I will say that

We just “purchased” another one of our favorite series last night, as streaming video from Amazon.com. “Flying Wild Alaska” is for all effects and purposes, how my DH grew up. And we have the first two seasons on DVD. But buying it as streaming video gave us access to the third season, way before it is available on DVD. The entire cost for the entire season was a grand total of $12.99, and we watched the first episode last night on his computer, basically the same way we’d watch a Youtube. It’s not available for streaming from Discovery Channel anymore, nor was it listed on Hulu as far as I could tell. But at $1.00 an episode, it’s a cheap date. The only downside is that if the computer monitor is smallish, it brings back memories of growing up with an itty-bitty TV screen. Also, we did occasionally have breaks in the streaming such that we got the buffering symbol as the DSL tried to restart the streaming. But all in all, it was a very nice way to get earlier access to one of our favorite shows. Just wish we could do the same thing with GoT.

Just as a cautionary note, prior to paying for it at Amazon.com, I did search for a free source. I thought I’d found one, but then his Windows 7 software threw up a warning screen that the download I was about to do apparently contained a virus, and did I really want to proceed? My copy of Windows XP may not have been sophisticated enough to generate a warning like that. So at this point, I’d steer clear of the apparent freebie TV websites. Sorta like kissing on the first date – you’re not really all that sure who that website really is and what they might have in mind. So, a mix of “neato” and caution this morning.