Funny, that’s been on my to-do list for some time too

I finally copied one a friend had drawn up, changed the info. to mine, printed it, and finally got up to my bank for notarization today. They turned me away because I had to have two witnesses, and they couldn’t furnish them. I’m wondering if I can just adjust the document so it doesn’t have witness signature lines on it, but have to look up Florida will info. first to be sure I’m not missing anything.

It’s so tough to have all your ducks in a row..and yes, a challenge to have it done by 6/30!

Thanks for suggesting it!

We live in WA state as well so I will share any knowledge I find out all on the way with you

So far, I don’t know a whole lot. As to Cindy’s question, the witnesses were friends of ours at the time. We made the wills up ourselves with legal forms on the internet. But we lived in Oregon at the time. Now that we live in WA I don’t know if we need to update them or not. I guess what I was wondering is, is a will still valid if it was made and signed while living in one state but move and live in another state?
Plus, like I said before if there was ever an issue of what we put in the will and our witnesses on the will ever needed to be called to court or something, I have NO idea where those people are. I know they don’t live in the place they did when they witnessed my husband and I sign.