Have learned a lot already!

This is my first month for my husband and I making a real, cover everything budget. We’ve always had a budget for all for all of the “bills”, but anything that was leftover went to food, gas, etc. (gee, wonder why nothing was left and we ended up putting gas on a credit card) We’ve mapped out the end of this month and all of May (and going into June and July) I was hoping we would find some magic money somewhere with doing the budget, but it is showing we do have just barely enough to do it all. 🙂 But – the credit cards are no longer in our wallets – so that’s a huge step.
We’ve got the $1000 savings, and my husband is getting an extra small check at the end of this month, so that extra money is going to starting our debt. We thankfully dug ourselves out of $40,000 of credit card debt over the past couple of years. Now we just have small medical bills, car payments, and the biggie — my husband’s $80,000 in undergraduate and graduate student loans (I know – stupid.) Our extra money to go towards debt right now beyond minimums is only about $100 a month, but hey, it’ll get there (and by the time we pay off the cars and get to the student loan – it will be gone much quicker than the planned 13 years!)

We’re starting also to “negotiate” on some of our utilities, which is awesome. Today my husband called our internet provider (we don’t have cable, but I need internet to do my one day a week work from home – which saves in gas) and told them we were getting other cheaper offers, and no hassle, they just lowered it! That’s a tiny bill, but hey $15 less a month is $15 less a month! The car and home insurance is the next call on his list. 🙂

I’ve been lurking for a week or two.

Question: Catching up vs. budget

So I have been trying to catch up on our Main house bills. Still owe elect about 1600.00. I did a zero based budget but don’t think I can follow it until I get this caught up. Am i correct that I catch up the stables, then move onto baby step 1???