Georgia Power isn’t agreeable to this at all

I tried it a couple of years ago. a church member was deathly ill, middle of the summer, lights/air were cut off. The church tried it first, with a doctors requirement that the patient needed her power for cooling purposes and refrigeration for meds and Georgia Power said it had to be paid by the customer from the customers account. Well, I thought that was crazy… Money is money which the power company should care about. So I called. I pretended to be the customer (since honesty didn’t work) and got so far as to payment, but then they asked me name on the card where I was again told it had to be the same name as the account (which I am assuming is the last name match). The good thing this time is that they gave me the account number which presented a third and thoroughly ridiculous policy.

Having the account number, figured I would take cash into the office-not an authorized payment facility- but an actual Georgia Power office and… Wait for it… They don’t take cash! Pissed was an understatement and that is when the idea to stick my nose in someone else’s situation left me, right at the Ga power counter. My church did eventually get the bill paid, I am not sure how, might have taken the woman there on her death bed but I was more than upset with that situation. I do remember that the woman’s checking account was overdrawn so those who wanted to help, would have had to bring her checking account current to even pay her account by the means GA Power wanted it paid. No… I was too mad to even think about a money order, they don’t immediately come to mind for me.

It’s worth trying again for a Random Act of Kindness, calling with the name and address only but… I doubt if I will try the power company again.

Paying off other people’s bills

’ve done that without knowing account numbers. I’ve called utility companies, cable, phone, etc., then told them I want to pay one month on an account, and then given the name and address, and my credit card number.

To my surprise, I was told by two of the utilities that people do that all the time for others. I am guessing it’s parents paying off kid’s bills or vice versa, but it was still a surprise.

Just make sure you are only paying one month (if that is your intention), otherwise you might wind up getting debited every month.