Here’s a very specific question

We ditched cable last year, and we’ve been generally pretty happy since then. We did get a digital converter to watch the Olympics last summer, but after all that high-tech hoopla, we didn’t like the signal and really didn’t like NBC’s coverage of the events, so we didn’t watch much of it. There are only a very small handful of shows or networks we wish we could get right now. The main network is the Discovery Channel, and the three non-Discovery Channel shows we want to watch are Game of Thrones on HBO, Vikings on the history channel, and Deadwood on whatever network that’s on. I’ve figured out how to do the streaming from the Discovery Channel’s website, so that part is covered. Tedious, but we can do it. Haven’t figured out yet how to get those other shows. Anyone using Roku, Hulu or Netflix or Amazon or whatever, to get those specific currently-running shows?