I think if your life situation has substantially changed..

having more children or a child with special needs, new spouse, starting a business, etc. could signal needing a new will. Whether you need a lawyer depends on how complicated your will could be and what your state requires. In Louisiana, you can do your own w/o a lawyer but it has to be in your own handwriting, contain your signature, and any two witnesses’ signatures. It should also be dated. We went a step further with my in-laws. We had them mail their wills to themselves and put it in a ziplock bag in the freezer — fire protection, LOL. Leaving the envelope in tact helps prove the date and validity of the will.

We just had to update our wills recently having bought out my dad’s business. We also had to update things regarding what happens if we outlive our dd, which is a possibility due to her health concerns. Due to business stuff and needing a trust to go in place concerning dd, we used a lawyer and he was worth every penny. Ours specializes in life’s end planning but he really wasn’t any more expensive than general practice lawyers.

If you do decide to go with a lawyer, ask around for references. We asked a friend–who happens to be a CPA–who he would recommend.