I’m not going through Roku at all

I go from my computer, which has a screen darn near as big as our 20+ year old TV, and stream the episode directly from the Discovery Channel website. It’s very clunky, because the computer is located on a waist-high desk rather than on our TV stand, and we have to get up and actually manipulate the mouse on the desk rather than use the TV remote. There’s also the issue that if our DSL is slow that day, and it’s often slow, then we get skips and breaks and delays. It’s essentially like watching an episode via Youtube. But it beats the heck out of waiting a whole year for the series to come out on DVD, which is what we’re doing for GoT, since HBO apparently won’t let us stream from their website. It’s a minor annoyance, but I’d love to know if someone has figured out a way around that.