This conversation is timely, because this is on our immediate list of things to do

Right now I’m just finishing reading a book entitled, Wear Clean Underwear by Alexis Martin Neely. I would highly recommend anyone with children to check out this book from the library and read it. The last time I did a will, I lived in another state and have had more children since that will was drawn. My understanding is that wills need to be state specific to the state in which you reside, but I certainly may be mistaken. As soon as I finish reading this book, which will be this weekend, we plan on getting the necessary documents, downloading them, and we’ll fill them out, (has anyone done the Quicken WillMaker Plus program, and does it have a living revocable trust with the online program?) and then make an appt. with an attorney to make sure that we’ve dotted all of our i’s and crossed all of our t’s. This should cut down on some of the expenses of using an attorney, but we’ll make sure we’ve got all of our bases covered. Once again, I’m going to strongly recommend anyone with children to read the book I mentioned, it covers a lot of scenarios you may not be thinking of.